Citadel High School

Parker Street Food and Toy Drive

Citadel High School staff and students are supporting the Parker Street Food Bank once again, with a Food and Toy Drive.  Students are being asked to donate non-perishable food and toys- specifically for ages 13 to 16 years, but any new toys will be accepted.

Each teacher will collect the donated food and toys in their classroom. Ideas for nonperishable foods are listed below as is a list of toys/gifts that are needed.

The food drive ends December 15th and the Toy Drive ends on December 19th

Have fun!  Encourage students.

Here's the food list:
Candy (hard candy would be best, if other try to get without gelatin)
Milk (cans)
Cranberry Sauce (cans)
Peanut Butter/canned Tuna
Vegetable Bouillon

Here's the toy/gift list:
Gift ideas for teenagers 13 to 16 years old (what would you like to get as a 13-16 year old?)
Gift cards
Shaving kits
Video games and consoles
Nerf darts
Make up