Citadel High School

Late Registration 2018-19

Late Registration 2018-19

Wednesday, August 29th
Portia White Atrium

To register at Citadel, students must live with a parent or legal guardian in the Citadel high area.

As well, a parent or legal guardian must accompany the new student and provide the following documentation:
1) Proof of Date of Birth (Birth Certificate, Passport or Immigration Papers)
2) Student's NS Health Card
3) Proof of residency (current utility bill in parent/guardian name)
4) Grade 9 report card or final high school transcript from previous school (translated and notarized)
5) Guardianship information and/or proof of citizenship if required.

To register:

A) Provide all required documentation listed above
B) Complete the Registration Form, Course Selection form and Request of Student Records Form
C) Attend Registration/Course Selection Session on August 29th between 9 am and 3 pm